Addis Gems AB
is a private enterprise based in Sweden. Addis Gems AB specializes in the sale of Ethiopian Opals and other gemstones originating from Ethiopia.

Addis Gems AB is an honorary members of the Ethiopian Gem Association. This status was bestowed upon Addis Gems AB in recognition of its contribution to the establishment of the association and to the promotion of the gem trade in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Gem Association (EGA) is a non-governmental organization established with the purpose of coordinating the activities of farmers and investors engaged in the extraction of gems, those engaged in lapidary and traders of colored stones and to maintain at all levels the highest possible standard of production by importing appropriate technology, expanding knowledge of lapidary techniques and promoting legitimate gem trade governed by fair practice and high ethical standards.

Addis Gems AB works closely with a number of Ethiopian enterpreneurs that deal in gemstones and through its African network, it is able to secure high quality Opals and other gems and place them in the international market at most competetive prices.

Ethiopian Opals although relatively new to the world market are gaining recognition and are considered as coloful and as desirable as opals from other sources.

Addis Gems AB is also closely associated with 'ALA Import-Export' (Ethiopia). The owner of the latter - Assefaw Leggese (Amb.) is a founding member, one of the architects of and the Chairman of the Board of the Ethiopian Gem Association.


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